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On all Gisser Jewels jewelry items you will receive a warranty of 12 months.
If anything happens to the items within the first year of your purchase, we will take care of it by repairing or exchanging your jewel.

Please note that damages due to normal wear are not part of the warranty, such as scratches, discoloration (after 3 months of purchase), broken chains etc.
Gisser Jewels are delicate items, it is therefore important that you handle them with care.

-    keep them away from hard surfaces, to avoid scratching
-    take them off when washing hands, putting on lotion or perfume
-    do not clean them with any chemicals or soap, only use a soft cloth
-    do not work out or swim with them
-    when stored away, do this with care

The warranty expires in full when a repair or alteration has been carried out to the item outside of our atelier.

Have you made your purchase through a reseller of Gisser Jewels? Please reach out to the company where the items were purchased from, as they will be taking care of your issue.


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