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Gisser Jewels bold band collection

"We design and create jewels in our atelier for you to shine. All we ask you is to take good care of them to not loose theirs"

Our jewels are crafted with ethically sourced silver and gold metals and natural or zirconia stones that are carefully handset in our own atelier, ensuring quality and longevity. To enjoy your jewelry items as long as possible we advise you to keep them away from hard surfaces as well as lotions, perfumes and other chemicals. When you do not wear them, store them safely in the box or pouch that came with your Gisser Jewel.

How to store

  • Avoid scratching your jewel by keeping it away from hard surfaces
  • Never swim or shower with the jewels on. Soap, chlorine and sea water all have the same effect and will lead to discoloration.
  • Put your jewels on last. After perfume, lotion and hair spray as the cemicals in these products will affect your jewel.
  • Gold and silver are natural products, they can react to the PH value of your skin
  • Store each jewel individually in the box or pouch where it came in when you do not wear it
  • Never put more than 1 jewelry item in one bag, you will scratch them
  • Keeping them “out in the open” may lead to discoloration and tarnishing
  • Never use any chemical or soap to clean your jewel.
  • Never brush your jewels as you might dislocate the setting of a stone, leading to stones falling out.
  • Use a soft cloth to polish and gently wipe away any tarnish.
  • Only use warm water on solid gold or rhodium plated silver, never on gold plated metals.


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