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Bracelet Size Chart

Bracelet Size Chart


Wrist circumference

Bracelet length

Bangle diameter widest point

15 – 16 cm

17 cm


16 - 17,5 cm

18 cm

56 mm

17,5 – 18,5 cm

19 cm

60 mm

18,5 – 19,5 cm

20 cm

64 mm

19,5 – 20,5 cm

21 cm

68 mm



Please note:

  • Some of our bracelets have an extension. These are indicated in cm with a +. For instance, 17+3 cm. This allows you to play with the length to your liking, as there are 3 extra centimeters where you can secure the lock.
  • The sizes are advisements. Wearing jewelry is very personal in what feels comfortable and fits your style. Choose a smaller size for a more fitted feel or go one up for a more playful look.


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